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ZGuards SmartSleeve and SmartBand.

The ZGuards SmartSleeve is a first-of-its-kind forearm protective sleeve field-tested for more than 15 years by professional ballplayers including Ruben Sierra and David Ortiz. What sets the new ZGuards SmartSleeve apart is that it is now patented using embedded technology which allows the user to “tag” and share data with anyone who owns a cell phone.

The ZGuards App allows the user to add their own URL’s onto the SmartSleeve or SmartBand. Share photos, stats, videos and more, all by linking the SmartSleeve or SmartBand as you desire.

The new ZGuards SmartBand has all the features of the SmartSleeve but in a convenient silicone band. The SmartSleeve is ideal for B to B as well and can be customized with company logos and direct your customers to your targeted URL pages.

Below are some exciting uses for the SmartSleeve and SmartBand:

  • Link URL to % Off Coupons for restaurants, bars etc.
  • SmartBands can be used to buy allotted number of drinks and bar/restaurant scans to keep track
  • Charitable events can use to raise funds from donors by setting up individual donor pages
  • Trade Show giveaways with targeted URL’s to company marketing promotions and can include contact information
  • Perfect for sporting event promotions as give-a ways with branded logos
  • Pro and Semi-Pro Teams can give SmartBand to season ticket holders. SmartBand can be used as actual ticket for entry to game as well as to receive discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise.
  • Security companies can use to have employees check-in at required locations and times
  • Increase travel and tourism to countries, states and cities. Link SmartBand to hotels, restaurants, special event pages and discount coupons
  • Great for wedding favors. Add a link on SmartBand to a page where guests can upload all of their photos from the wedding
  • Share your photos, videos, and recipes with family and friends
  • Team sport players can share their stat page, videos etc. with scouts and family and friends as well

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