Fast Food Industry SmartBands
Images are representative examples only.

The ZGuards Smartband offers the opportunity for companies to capture their demographic and own it by providing a constant channel to the company's demographic. Once the consumer owns the SmartBand, the company owns the path to the consumer.

The technology in the SmartBand is a powerless passive chip that is recognized by NFC readers now present in most Smart Phones. Our NFC tag pushes your content to your demographic as fast as you can serve it.  Content can range from menus to streaming videos. Simply tag the SmartBand with a cell phone with NFC capabilities and the targeted URL will launch.

Possible uses for SmartBand™

  • Franchisees can hand out SmartBands to promote on-line ordering.
  • When SmartBand is tagged it could launch custom URL on phone to order.
  • Can be used for Rewards Club membership and offer special discounts etc.
  • Develop contests where customers can post their own pizza photos and be entered to win free swag, etc.

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