Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does the chip store any data?
  • A: Yes. The NFC tag technology is capable of storing data.
  • Q: Does it do any monitoring related to health, pulse count, calories burnt, etc?
  • A: No. The SmartBand is not a "FitBit" type technology. However, critical player data, including medical particulars, can be stored at the player's destination.
  • Q: Who sets content for the chips? Company? User?
  • A: There are two differentiated variations of the SmartBand: (1) Pre-branded, pre-coded merchandise that allows the company to set the content linked to the SmartBand. (2) Retail direct to consumer allows user to download a free APP to write their own content and broadcast.
  • Q: How do I read or write to my SmartBand?
  • A: ZGuards How-to